Discoveries from the Naviaux Lab




Discoveries from the Naviaux Lab


1.Accelerated Brain Atrophy in Professional Boxers (1983)
2. Monoclonal Antibodies for the Analysis of Natural Genetic Variation (1981-1983)
3. First Infectious Molecular Clones of EMC Virus (1986-1990)


4. The pCL Family of Retroviral Gene Transfer Vectors (1990-1994)
5. Alternative replication pathways for mtDNA and POLG reverse transcriptase activity (1994-1999).
6. Alpers Syndrome and POLG Mitochondrial Disease (1994-2004)
7. Triacetyluridine (TAU) and Pyrimidine Therapy for Mitochondrial Disease (1995-2004)


8. Sand and Ocean Sediment DNA for Molecular Analysis of Modern and Ancient Marine Ecosystems (1998-2005)
9. Reactive Biomolecular Divergences and Biocavity Laser Spectroscopy of Mitochondria During Cell Stress (2003-2006)
10. Purification of the Bicolor Damselfish virus like agent, unpublished (2003-2006)
11. Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FTICR) Mass Spectrometry for mtDNA Mutation Detection (2006-2007)
12. Exosome Purification for Noninvasive Disease Phenotyping (2007-2015)
13. Mechanisms of Healing and Regeneration in the MRL Mouse (2007-2009)
14. Transgenerational mtDNA Heteroplasmy in the MRL Mouse (2007-2009)
15. Mitochondrial Control of Epigenetics (2008)


16. Oxidative Shielding (2008-2016)
17. The Metabolic Features of the Cell Danger Response (2008-2016)
18. Purinergic and Cell Danger Theories of Autism (2008-2016)
19. Suramin and Antipurinergic Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorders (2008-Present)
20. Advanced Mass Spec and Metabolomics Platforms (2013-Present)
21. Metabolomics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2015-Present)

2017 in Progress

22. The Purinergic Life Threat Response (2011-present)
23. Purinergic Control of Cancer DNA Instability (2010-pesent)
24. Purinergic Control of Somatic DNA Copy Number Variation (CNVs) (2010-present)
25. Metabolic Features of the Healing Cycle and its Checkpoints
26. The Mitokine Receptor Superfamily and Injury-Healing/Stimulus-Memory Response (2007-Present)
27. Metabolomics of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (2013-Present)
28. Metabolomics of Refractory Depression and Major Depressive Disorder (2015-Present)
29. Immunometabolomics of the Childhood Vaccine Response (2013-Present)
30. Environmental Monitoring for the Prevention of Childhood Chronic Disease (2012-Present)