Clinical Trials and Translational Studies


  • UCSD IRB#190972—UCSD Newborn Screening for Autism Risk using Dried Blood Spots—Phase 2
  • UCSD IRB#140072—Metabolomic Studies of Complex Chronic Disease


  • UCSD IRB#171940— UCSD Newborn Screening for Autism Risk using Dried Blood Spots—Phase 1 Completed
  • UCSD IRB#150134—The Suramin Autism Treatment 1 (SAT1) Trial—Completed.

Basic Science and Translational Studies

  • Metabolomics of the immune response in ASD—regulating the cell danger response (CDR)
  • Metabolomic similarities between Lyme Disease and ME/CFS—characterizing the CDR in males and females
  • Characterizing the Exposome of ME/CFS and Lyme Disease
  • Metabolic features to predict the risk of recurrent major depression
  • Metabolic features of major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation
  • Generational Transmission of the Exposome using Dried Blood Spots—1980-2020
  • Metabolomics of Primary Mitochondrial Disease—MELAS, NARP, Kearns-Sayre
  • Metabolomics of exercise and aging
  • Metabolomics of breast milk at 2-4 months to predict the risk of autism
  • C. elegans dauer entry and exit metabolomics
  • Metabolomics of iHHV-6 reactivation in ME/CFS
  • Metabolomics of hyperpurinergia in mice