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News and Events at The Naviaux Lab


News and Events

Upcoming Events 

  1. March 19-21, 2020— Mitochondrial Blocks to Healing and Regeneration. Regenerative Medicine Workshop, Charleston, SC
  2. June 24-27, 2020—Annual meeting of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), MMS, and MRS. Phoenix, AZ
  3. November 5-8, 2020—Clinical Applications of Scientific Innovation (CASI) symposium, Phoenix, AZ

Past Events

  1. November 8-10, 2019—ASTRA Meeting on Autism Treatment, Antipurinergic Therapy for Autism, San Francisco, CA
  2. October 18-20, 2019—TACA Annual Meeting, Antipurinergic therapy for Autism, Costa Mesa, CA
  3. October 4-5, 2019—Advances in Mitochondrial Medicine, The CDR and the Healing Cycle—A new model for chronic disease pathogenesis, Dallas, TX
  4. September 20-22, 2019—20th Anniversary Lyme Disease Association annual meeting, Providence, RI
  5. September 14, 2019—Origins of the CDR Hypothesis, San Diego, CA
  6. September 6-8, 2019—FDA Workshop on Drug Development and Clinical Trials for Mitochondrial Disease, Washington, DC
  7. August 30, 2019—Rady Childrens Hospital Developmental Pediatrics Conference on the CDR and Autism, San Diego, CA
  8. August 25, 2019—21st Annual Christini Fund Gala Dinner, San Diego, CA
  9. June 26-29, 2019—UMDF Annual Conference, New biomarkers of mitochondrial dysfunction, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA
  10. May 3-5, 2019—Metabolomics of Chronic Illness and the Healing Cycle, ISEAI, Carefree, AZ
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