Past News and Events

  1. May 9 and 11, 2017—Lecture and journal discussion on “Mitochondrial Disease Genetics”, BIOM252, UCSD Biomedical Sciences curriculum, La Jolla, CA
  2. April 20-23, 2017—Autism Research Institute Think Tank annual meeting, Dallas Fort Worth Airport Marriott Hotel, Dallas, TX
  3. April 12, 2017—Lecture on “New hope for autism treatment: Antipurinergic therapy from the bench to the bedside”, UCSD International Student curriculum, La Jolla, CA
  4. February 24, 2017—Talk on “Metabolomics and Exosome Biology for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Complex Chronic Disease”, Apheresis Therapies Conference, San Diego Marriott, Mission Valley, San Diego, CA
  5. November 3, 2016—La Jolla, CA. The Autism Tree Project Symposium.  Purinergic signaling and the cell danger response—working toward a unifying theory of autism.
  6. October 8, 2016—San Diego, CA. American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The role of mitochondria in health and disease—the cell danger response.
  7. September 25, 2016—La Jolla, CA. The UCSD Christini Fund Annual Gala Dinner.
  8. September 17, 2016—Wilton, CT. Fireside Chat hosted by Nancy O’Hara, MD, with families about the UCSD suramin trial.
  9. September 15, 2016—Boston, MA. Autism Research Institute dinner.
  10. August 29, 2016. Paper on the metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome published in
  11. July 18, 2016—Seattle, WA. Annual meeting of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.  Presentation on “Adagio and Allegro—the natural tempo of mitochondrial function in health, disease, and healing”.
  12. July 1, 2016—San Diego, CA. Official start of the North American CFS metabolomics validation study funded by the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF).
  13. April 1-3, 2016—Dallas, TX. Autism Research Institute think tank meeting.
  14. March 2, 2016—La Jolla, CA. Completion of the first UCSD autism suramin treatment clinical trial.