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News and Events at The Naviaux Lab


News and Events

Upcoming Events 

  1. September 10, 2018–20th Anniversary UCSD Christini Fund Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner Celebration, Del Mar Country Club, CA
  2. September 22, 2018—Autism Research Dinner Lecture, Pasadena, CA
  3. September 27-29, 2018—Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symposium, Palo Alto, CA
  4. October 19, 2018—TACA Conference Talk on Mitochondria, Autism, and the Cell Danger Response, Orange County Hilton, Costa Mesa, CA
  5. October 27-28, 2018—Metabolomics of Chronic Illness Talk, Lyme Disease Association Symposium, Mariott Providence Hotel, Providence, RI
  6. March 22-24, 2019—Autism, the CDR, and the Systems Biology of the Healing Cycle, MINDD International Forum, Sydney, Australia
  7. May 3-5, 2019—Metabolomics of Chronic Illness and the Healing Cycle, ISEAI, Carefree, AZ
  8. June 26-29, 2019—UMDF Annual Conference, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA

Past Events

  1. June 27-30, 2018—United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Annual Meeting, Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN
  2. June 4-6, 2018—“Multifaceted Mitochondria” Meeting, Cell Press, Paradise Point, San Diego, CA
  3. March 14, 2018—Talk on “POLG Disease—One Gene, Many Faces”, Annual Meeting, Society for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Paradise Point, San Diego, CA
  4. February 23, 2018—Talk on “Antipurinergic Therapy for Autism and Mitochondrial Disease”, Mitochondrial Medicine 2018: Regional UMDF Symposium, La Jolla, CA
  5. January 13, 2018—Special Showing of the Movie, “Unrest”, hosted by the Naviaux Lab, San Diego Central Library, San Diego, CA.
  6. October 20-21, 2017—TACA Annual Meeting, Costa Mesa, CA. “New hope for autism treatment: a story of medical discovery”
  7. October 12-14, 2017—UMDF Regional Meeting, Akron, OH. “From mitochondria to autism: a story of medical discovery”
  8. September 10, 2017—19th Annual UCSD Christini Fund Gala Dinner
  9. September 4-8, 2017—Talk on “One gene, many faces—the many phenotypes of POLG disease”, International Congress on Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ICIEM), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  10. August 12, 2017—Keynote Lecture, “The Metabolism of the Cell Danger Response, Healing, and ME/CFS”, at the Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS, Stanford, CA.
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